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Ways to build self-esteem with AD?

What are some ways that help you boost your self-esteem? Do you have any suggestions for boosting the self-esteem of someone who has AD?

  1. Atopic dermatitis is among the most-prevalent skin diseases in children and can continue or be newly diagnosed in adulthood.

    It is well known that significant negative effects could occur on the quality of one's life.

    Relationships with family and friends, sports and social participation, contribute to the levels of self-esteem and identity in individuals.

    Skin conditions like this one can impact lives by causing a lack of opportunity to develop proper coping in our younger population affecting them as they mature.
    Less self-confidence, as well as, avoidance and isolation in in adults.

    Coping strategies are key in raising esteem.
    Empowerment and humanistic therapies are usually suggested.

    ⦁ Some ways that I have found to help develop positive self-esteem are:
    ⦁ Practicing positive self talk
    ⦁ Focusing on things one likes about themselves
    ⦁ Connecting with others that are supportive and or positive
    ⦁ Start visualizing on feeling healthy, energetic and, (baby step progression may be vital here)
    ⦁ Trying to appreciate one's self!

    Sometimes, treatment for severe atopic dermatitis may require collaboration between a dermatologist and a mental health counselor to deal with both the physical and psychological effects of the disease.

    Treatment for the psychological components of skin conditions can include:
    ⦁ Counselling, including cognitive behavioral therapy
    ⦁ Relaxation therapy
    ⦁ Habit reversal training
    ⦁ Involvement in patient support groups.
    ⦁ Psychotropic medications, such as antidepressants, if needed

    Our mental health is as important as our physical health.
    Mind and body are intertwined in all aspects of life and health.

    I hope some of these strategies are helpful to those who may need one or all of them.
    Plus, we're worth it!

    All my best wishes,
    Elizabeth R, Lebowitz - Site Moderator


    1. Liz, Thanks so much for sharing this helpful information. The tips you mentioned are great! I like how you highlighted the importance of mental health. The connection between mind and body is a very important one which I hear often in the atopic dermatitis community. For those looking for more resources related to mental health we do have some information here (

      It's so important to remember to support one another in these struggles with skin and self-confidence! The community is always here to listen. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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