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Burning - new symptom - help!


I'm wondering if anyone might be experiencing similar symptoms to me. I am 42, lifelong eczema sufferer. My eczema is usually characterised by broken skin, deep cuts and itchiness.

However, I am on my third bout of something different now. I don't have any broken skin - my last flare up cleared up well. The area around where I normally get eczema (on my hands) is suddenly bright red, with a rash, very painful to touch, burning. I haven't used anything new.

Any ideas? It's killing me! The top layer of skin is brown and shiny in places too.

  1. HI - that sounds sore, sorry you are dealing with this. Unfortunately, we are not medical professionals and cannot advise you. I think it might be worth getting a different medical opinion. I hope you get some relief soon. Best wishes - Pete, Moderator

    1. Hi, Nice to met You! Rash started in the 80’s 2017 really bad. It burns n pinches. I get on my legs front n back n Butt. Ony thing that helps is prednisone. I am now on my 5th Dupixent shot for rash. I don’t know what starts this off. So many biopsies no answer!! I take Benadryl also.

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