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What could this be? Please help? :-/

Hey there!
I've been suffering from Seborrheic Dermatitis for years now (that developed after my diagnosis of IBS).

For 2 months now I have had a very bad flare-up in my intestines and my skin got drastically drier. Suddenly overnight I developed some sort of rash/eczema on my feet overnight that itch horrible at night under a blanket and I can't place it, because it looks dry (I normally have to deal with fatty skin eczema).
Can anyone here please help me? My Foto

  1. Hello, Are you feeling better now? I hope you were able to receive some guidance.

    1. Can no one here help me? 🙁
      My doctor assured me to first try some anti-fungi medicine (she said it isn't "big" enough for the usual a. dermatitis and with my feet on a strange location).

      1. , unfortunately, we are not able to offer any medical advice or diagnosis over the Internet (for your safety!) I am hopeful that if a member of our community has had a similar experience they are able to share what has helped them in contend with it. In the meantime, maybe some of the tips in this article will be helpful to you: Have you started the treatment from your doctor to see if it helps? Best, Sam S. ( team member).

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