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Do you have ways to hide your eczema?

I know we should embrace our bodies and not be ashamed of who we are or what we look like but this is not always easy to do, hence why there are so many mental health issues surrounding AD. What are some of the things you do to keep your skin hidden from public view?

  1. i used to be more conscious about how my skin would look or what people would tell me but slowly i am starting to show more skin. It doesn't bother me as much anymore when people stare at my skin. Our skin actually needs and loves when it receives its daily dose of vitamin D.

    1. - I'm curious to hear what others say about this topic. Have you seen this article by - ? I thought some of her tips were really clever! -Sarah ( Team Member)

      1. - what a brilliant article! highlights some really interesting and clever ways to dress accordingly - particularly the types of colours to dress in and wearing bold images. Thanks for sharing this!!!!
        Pete ( - Site Moderator)

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