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Stylish and Crafty Ways I Hide My Eczema

Having eczema is having something that will expose you to public prejudice and opinions whether you like it or not. In cases like this, sometimes it's just easier to play it off and cover it up just to spare yourself from having to spend a bunch of time explaining, defending yourself, or comforting people from the sight of your rashes.

Option #1

When my eczema started to show more on my neck and face in grammar school, I started to wear scarves a lot more often and I would find different ways to tie the scarf so that even if the weather wasn't that cold, it at least looked like an interesting accessory. And these days there are many types of scarves that are both thick and thin, so you can technically rock this accessory out all year round, if you wanted. It could even become your thing. In fact, in grammar school, I named my favorite purple scarf, Scarpella, so it became a regular thing for me to wear at school despite the weather.

Option #2

Color Theory can also work in your favor in terms of minimizing how obvious your rashes are. For example, if I'm really starting to show some pink and red inflammation, I am not going to wear green or olive clothing or anything with that sort of green undertone to it - not even a blue-green - because that will just complement and enhance the redness on my skin even more.

Wearing clothes and accessories that kind of match the one of your inflammation can make it seem less obvious, possibly making it look like more of a tan or a sunburn rather than an actual rash. So wearing clothes that are also tan, pinkish, peachy maybe with warm, red-purple undertones can be helpful. Also if you're going to wear metals, you might as well wear bronze, copper, or gold instead of silver or platinum. It's really amazing how much clothing and accessories can change the visibility of flare-ups.

Option #3

Continuing on with clothing tips, if you have really bad rashes on your hands and face, wearing some really cool, colorful and stylish shoes can help distract from your face and hands. In this case, I might wear a jacket with the cool logo or design on the back so that people are mostly focusing on my back and awesome fashion sense.

Option #4

If you have really bad rashes on the palms of your hands, fingerless gloves can be cool. You can even find some gloves made of cotton, hemp or felt and just cut off the fingertips so that you're still able to write and use your phone. Maybe even sew on some beads, glue on some rhinestones or other interesting things on top to make them more fun and interesting. Now you’ve just created your own style while having some protective coverage for your sensitive skin. Function and fashion together. My favorite combo!

What do you do to hide your eczema when you go out? Have you tried any of the tips above before? Or have any other fun ones of your own? Would love to hear about them in the comments section down below! Good luck and happy dressing up!

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