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Dupixent / dumilab results

Hi kids. First post here. Gonna get right into it and keep it short.
Got on dupixent for a year. 6/2019 to 6/2020.
As far as skin condition went, most areas cleared up amazingly. Still had spotty areas that got worse. Arm pits, nipples, which I usually don't have.

I didn't connect this till later in the process but my joint started having gout like symptoms. Been tested with high uric acid recently and is now on regular gout meds allopurinol and colchicine. Unfortunately I don't have a uric acid test from prior to this incident. I should also note that you can have high uric acid without having gout. I have not been diagnosed with gout at the moment.

Dry eyes being a well known side effect, as it got worse so did my joints. Not sure if there is any connection to these two as I couldn't find any studies with the exception of one test subject who apparently had the same. But according to all other sources this is not a normal dupixent side effect that's known. So I got off dupixent and have been dupixent free for about seven months. AD back to normal state unfortunately. This is where I was living prior to the shots.

Dupixent had a little bit of cons, and towards the end while my joints were flaring up to the point I couldn't walk, or my eyes being overly dry and couldn't wake up without so much discharge I couldn't open my eyes.
Even with all these, dupixent has cleared up most of my skin extremely well though. Some of the highlights included being able to be in the blazing sun without sun block at all, didn't have any stomach digestion issues while laying facing up (which is still a mystery to me), not needing as much rest (maybe cuz I was getting amazing sleep at night).

If I was going to get another shot at trying dupixent, I would certainly try it now that I know what side effects seems to take place. Maybe keep a closer eye out on certain issues I was experiencing the first go around.

Just sharing my experience with dupixent. Loved the positive effects and couldn't live with the negatives unfortunately.
Attempting to get into another AD medication but this one is in clinical trial. Not sure if I'm allowed to share what it is. Anyway, feel free to reach out with anything if you feel that I can help. Love you guys. Good luck!

  1. This is extremely insightful @. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm sorry you found the negative aspects of Dupixent pretty unbearable. From what I have read, specifically around the side effect aspect, many have complained about the dry eye syndrome but I haven't yet heard about the gout-like experiences you were unlucky enough to have had. I wish you luck with this new drug that you will be trying. Let us know how you get on. Sending you my best! Pete ( - Site Moderator)

    1. , thanks for the support. I'm generally in pretty good spirits as I feel like I've dealt with unbearable struggles with AD my whole life. Lol
      I hope I can help others in need of help as I feel like I got a pretty good track record of the condition. Dupixent was new to me and I'm sure it's very new to others. Just wanted to lay out my experiences with it to weigh in. 😄

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