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Question about bruising

I am a 45 year old life long eczema sufferer. My eczema is severe. In the past few years, I have started bruising from scratching. It now happens daily. I am working with my PCP to figure out why am I bruising. I am assuming this has to do with my blood and not AD. ..but was wondering if the dermatology experts have seen this in the past. Thank you.

  1. Hi bialye,

    Thank you for sharing about your experience. As a life long sufferer of severe eczema, I'm sure you have seen the many ins and outs of this frustrating condition. I am sorry to hear that you have started experiencing bruising as a result of scratching, but am glad that you have been working with your PCP to try and find the root cause. Know that you are not alone in experiencing unexpected symptoms, and feeling unsure of whether they may or may not be attributed to your AD.

    While others may join in with their insights, I will be thinking of you and am hoping that you soon feel relief and peace. Please keep us posted on your progress with this.

    With care,
    Sarah ( Team Member)

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