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Dupixent Discussion

Share your experiences with Dupixent injections and side effects from Dupixent.

  1. Oh, , I’m so sorry this has all been weighing you down. I find the not knowing and having no control over the outcome of anything is the hardest to deal with. I hope for you that you get approved and that it works it’s magic. Sending positive thoughts your way, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. Thank you. I had the time to look into it some more. I am currently waiting to see if I will be approved. So discouraged right now.

      1. I have been prescribed Dupixent. I am currently waiting for the paperwork to go through for my benefits to cover the cost. I am wanting to hear others experiences with this drug. Thank you

        1. Hi , I’m hoping you will get many replies from our great community members, but in the meantime here are some articles we have on Dupixent: One in particular you might like is:, by one of our authors. Wishing you well, and hope to hear from you again, Cora Lyn, Team Member

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