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What's the verdict on coconut oil for eczema?

Does coconut oil give you relief?

  1. coconut oil is great. I use it on my skin and hair before showers.

    1. I have horrible itching and coconut oil rubbed in well helps; if still itches I use bit of menthol; if still itches I add a 4% lidocaine. That has taken care of it so far.

      1. Glad that coconut oil and menthol have helped you whenever your skin gets itchy! Thanks for sharing with us. Sending healing your way today. -Sarah ( Team Member)

    2. My 1 year old daughter suffers from eczema since 5mths of age and we on and off use coconut oil but it only temporarily moisturizes the skin. It also doesn't help relieve her itching. We have tried so many treatments but nothing is working to relieve the dryness or itching . If anyone has any treatment that has been helpful please share. Thank you.

      1. , thank you for sharing your daughter's experience with coconut oil. At a minimum, I'm happy to hear that she's able to experience some relief from its application. I recommend visiting the link below. You may mind some suggestions that could further help with her dry and itchy skin.

        - Jeff ( Team Member)

    3. My son had eczema and coconut oil was a great relief. He has scratching his skin off and wearing socks on his hands. The worst was after a bath or summer heat. He was prescribed medicated ointments. We started by putting on coconut oil Immediately after bath then aquaphor. This reduced the flare ups. Now we use either/both coconut oil or body butter with aquaphor.

      1. , that's wonderful coconut oil gives your son eczema relief! Coconut oil, body butter and aquaphor are all nice thick formulas for his dry skin. I hope your son continues to benefit from these solutions! Keep us updated on how he is doing as the summer heat approaches. Take care, Sarah ( Team Member)

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