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Elidel Has Been Life Changing

Hello, I thought that I'd share my experience of having Eczema and how it has been eradicated. I had severe eczema on my face, forehead, cheeks and eyebrows nearly all my life.

I was ok at school, but when I hit college, the eczema just flared up and went totally out of control. It was so scaly and flaky and itchy on a daily basis that due to my constant scratching, I had no eyebrows left as they had fallen out. And my skin was so damaged that new eyebrows couldn't grow.

My face was always red like I had severe sunburn. Mentally I was in a really bad place due to the eczema. I suffered with it really badly. Normal conventional facial medication prescribed by the GP did very little and sometimes it made the itching and scratching even worse.

It was towards the end of 2003 that I accidently came across Elidel whilst reading a newspaper (The Sun actually!). There was an article in the newspaper on how well Elidel had helped someone’s young child who was suffering with severe eczema.

I approached my GP and told him about it and said I would like to try it. He found and prescribed it for me. And that was just over 18 years ago.

And when I first started using Elidel over 18 years ago, just after the first initial few weeks of using Elidel, my face actually started to heal.

My skin tone changed and so did its texture. I just couldn’t believe it. The colour actually came back to what it should have been originally, which was a colour which I had actually forgotten.

Even in the early stages of using the medication, the results came quick and even the GP commented on how well my skin had improved. There was no more itching or the need and desire to scratch. It has totally eradicated the eczema and has been absolutely life changing.

People wouldn’t even believe that I ever had eczema. Now in 2021 I just apply a few small dabs on my cheeks after showering. I don’t ever need to apply any to my forehead. And after the application, I just apply some normal Vaseline intensive care moisturiser.

This medication has truly changed my life and I hope that those that need it can find it and try it and hopefully it will help them.

  1. Hi Jayzee - Thanks very much for sharing your story with us! I'm sure your story will be useful to the community. I'm happy that you found something that enabled you to heal. It is strange how one thing works for one person and not for another?? I have had eczema all my life; facial and body and when I tried Elidel I wasn't as fortunate as you were with it , as I found it pretty ineffectual. That is not to say it will not work for others, however! Thanks again for sharing. Pete ( - Site Moderator)

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