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Finding the silver lining

Do you appreciate things more after having atopic dermatitis? What do you appreciate most in your life?

  1. atopic dermatitis has taught me some of the greatest lessons in life that I think nothing else ever would, honestly. Most people take having clear skin or just their health in general for granted, and when we struggle with a chronic condition, we realize this is the most important thing we could have in our life, and is the true "wealth". No amount of money, possessions, even career, etc, matters if we don't have our health to be able to enjoy it. Simple little things like taking a normal shower and enjoying it, being able to be out in the heat, swimming, just doing "normal" things most people can easily do can be such a task for us, and after dealing with AD you tend to start to appreciate these more.

    I was just talking to someone about this the other day - my arms and hands finally fully cleared this year after going through TSW and I have been able to do the dishes for the first time in years normally, and I am actually SUPER happy about it! LOL. I don't even mind doing them and it doesn't feel like much of a chore. I'm just grateful I finally can again. It's the little things. -Nina ( Team Member)

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