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What is the best sunscreen for eczema?

From our inbox: Any suggestions on sunscreen? Seems like everything we have tried causes a flare now.

Comment below with the type of sunscreen that has worked for you!

  1. I had trouble with most sunscreens until I found 2 that I'm not allergic to....they do not burn or sting even if I have open places.
    They are: 1) Vanicream Sunscreen & 2) Neutrogena Sensitive Skin. Both are fragrance FREE.
    Hope this helps someone!

    1. CarolAnn, Thanks so much for sharing here! I'm glad you've found some sunscreen options that don't burn or sting your skin! 😀 -Sarah (AtopicDermatitis.net Team Member)

  2. I've had great experiences with Oasis Sun and Antipodes, Australian and New Zealand brands. Both avoid essential oils which can be irritating, even lavender oil. That oil is best used as aftercare from sundamage rather than as part of the sunscreen formula. The volatility of essential oils can make the skin more photosensitive upon direct sunlight. Also, I'd avoid chemical sunscreens as I find them to make me more photosensitive than photoprotective. I find my best products in health food stores and health food co-ops rather than over the counter at drugstores or department stores. Also Etsy can be a treasure trove of quality hypoallergenic skincare products. Those latter products from conventional stores tend to have more perfume and unnecessary carcinogenic preservatives. Hope this helps!

    1. This is a great question that we anticipate many others to ask as the warm sunny days approach us. We do have an article by one of our writers that mentions Neutrogena and Aveeno brands (https://atopicdermatitis.net/caregiver/summer-sunscreen-snakeskin/) I've also found a helpful resource on the National Eczema website that lists Australian Gold and CeraVe brands too (https://nationaleczema.org/eczema-products/sunscreens/) I hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing what has worked for others.

      -Sarah (AtopicDermatitis.net Team Member)

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