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Has anyone used Biologics or JAK-inhibitors?

Very curious of your experience, whether good, bad, or in between. What was the name of the drug? For how long were you on it? Were you using it in a clinical trial or did your doctor suggest it?

Because I’ve already shared my story publicly here and on my Instagram @ linettero , I won’t go into them here. But I will share what I have tried: (and I’ll answer any specific questions here)

– Dupixent in 2017 right when the FDA approved it
– Cibinqo in 2019 in it’s Stage 4 Clinical Trial(the drug’s name/label during the CT was “PF-04268…” something along those lines).

  1. Iam starting this treatment next week. I can't seem to find anyone else who has tried it .

    1. Hello again dear, thank you for reaching out to find others that share your treatment. Please remember you are never alone here with us... Though I do not have personal experience, here are others that may offer some interest: Please let us know what you think... Sending healing hugs, Liz - - Site Moderator

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