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Love hot baths? Your eczema doesn't? I figured out a work around!

Hi folks! So like many people with eczema, I'm supposed to stick to lukewarm, super quick showers. Which will be fine in the summer, but where I live, winters can be frigid, the humidity in my house can dip below 20% (which is basically when your skin starts to crack off if you're a person of a certain age) and hot baths were one of my favourite ways to warm up and increase the humidity when it's really cold and dry out. Yesterday, the proverbial light bulb went off over my head: instead of immersing myself in hot water, I ran the shower super hot, sat on the edge of the tub out of the spray and enjoyed the humidity and steam for about 10 blissful minutes (minus the stinging, burning and hours of waiting for my skin to settle down afterwards). Clearly this won't work for those who's skin doesn't like the humid, so proceed with caution.

  1. Great tip jennyo!! It never occurred to me to try this. fab idea! My skin is irritated in hot or lukewarm baths so I like my hot showers. It probably dries it out a bit but I cannot stand to feel cold in the shower. Thanks for sharing! Pete (AtopicDermatitis - Site Moderator)

    1. I actually love hot baths and don't find it hurts my skin... maybe for some of us hot baths are OK... I do take a freezer ice pack sometimes but sit in it till the water cools and i find it so relaxing and my skin isn't irritated.

      1. I LOVED hot baths especially during TSW, but still love hot showers too. I just can't help myself to be honest LOL. -Nina ( Team Member)

    2. - This is genius!! Thank you so much for sharing this suggestion with us... Those "10 blissful minutes" sounded great. -Sarah ( Team Member)

      1. thanks so much for sharing this! This is a great idea; I love this and will have to try it soon. I love my hot showers far too much, but I know my skin doesn't necessarily, so this seems like it might be a good alternative. 😀 -Nina ( Team Member)

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