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Eczema Frustrations!

Vent about a time that you felt frustrated by your eczema treatments or skincare products not working or unsolicited advice you received about how to care for your skin (“Have you tried…?”)!

  1. When I can't wear the clothing or shoes I want to. And the pain I get.

    1. Totally get the frustration with eczema treatments not always hitting the mark. Been there, trying everything under the sun and feeling like nothing sticks. What helped me shift gears was finding distractions that made me feel good - like diving into a hobby or hitting the gym. Silk bedding and a room humidifier made a surprising difference for me too, alongside staying hydrated. Sharing this journey with folks who get it, in support groups, opened up a bunch of new strategies to try. It's all about finding those little things that make a big difference in managing the frustration and the flare-ups.

      1. Thank you for sharing your experience of living with eczema. The frustration of trying to find relief is very real! I get it, because I have been there myself. It's wonderful to know that you have this community which offers you support as well as strategies to managing you eczema. You shared a really powerful idea here which is, distraction! You had some great ideas of distractions. I too, have found that getting some fresh air really helps me distract myself and helps minimize the itch from spiraling out of control. Distracting may look different for everyone. I wonder what others like to do to help distract themselves? Chava ( Team Member)

    2. Embarrassed by red itching, sores, stares want to disappear, I can't take any of biologic meds they give me horrible infections
      hydrocortisone and Aloe ! I also have RA and a pigmentation on my arms and chest...thanks for letting me vent 💖✨️

      1. Aw, of course, ! You're always welcome to vent here, this community is here for you and cares about you!!💕 I feel you completely on everything you just said and I'm so sorry that you have to go through these worries as well, my heart goes out to you💓 If you don't mind me asking, how well has hydrocortisone & aloe help you? - Abigail, Team Member

    3. Curious, why those have commented “don’t talk about Dupixent.” Dupixent was what saved me 5 years ago!

      1. Hello dear , I am glad to read that this medication has been effective for you! It is always heartwarming to know that one is on a successful journey! Such a blessing to celebrate! Since we are individuals, with our own genetics and medical histories, one remedy may not work for all of us. What an ideal medical world it would be if one treatment was of benefit to all. Please know there are many members here that agree with you and those who may not. Here is a sampling from our colleagues: And: And: Please let us know your thoughts... Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

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