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Eczema Frustrations!

Vent about a time that you felt frustrated by your eczema treatments or skincare products not working or unsolicited advice you received about how to care for your skin (“Have you tried…?”)!

  1. I found a cream that works for me it's all natural it has cbd oil a honey and bee's wax it's called balmons skin salvation

    1. Hello dear , we get so happy when we read about a successful treatment our community member has found! It's a cause for celebration! Such peace of mind and body, isn't it? Thank you for sharing with us - you have left a big smile upon my face. Many thanks! Sending healing hugs your way, Liz - - Site Moderator

  2. I had some kind of chapstick/lipgloss irritate my lips and eczema acted up around my mouth. I Googled what to do and articles contradict each other: "Use steroids, benedrl, cotizone..." vs "avoid those" My lips feel better, not the skin around it...

    1. Hello dear , I can so relate to your words! My lips have become very very sensitive to every lipstick I try and even many ChapStick type "lubricants/protectants", medicated and otherwise. I can even get that redness around my lips to have that clown-like look! I also know how confusing "Doctor Google" can be for our issues. Perhaps checking in with your health care provider may shed the best light on what to do. They know your individual health history best. As my dermatologist advised for me and all I use now is that plain old-fashioned remedy, Vaseline! It's comforting relief and healing effect on my lips and surrounding skin is without compare. Please remember you are not alone here with us, kindly stay in touch... Sending healing hugs, Liz - - Site moderator

  3. I get "just don't scratch!" often. Most of my eczema happens when I'm sleeping and wake up a bloody, patchy mess! Maybe I'll have to start wearing mittens or socks on my hands each night. Like a baby. Good lord, I'm a 40 year old child!

    1. Hello dear , you are not alone here with us. Your symptoms are definitely not uncommon among your understanding peeps here! Me for one. My dry cracked skin is so tender, it seems to bleed just by looking at it! After applying coats of Vaseline, I have used your idea of wearing (white) gloves to bed! It does seem to help. Others have written about their very same issues. Here are some: Please let us know your thoughts... Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

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