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How is your skin coping in the cold season?

I have noticed that my skin is getting dryer and starting to crack in the creases of my skin. As I get older my body finds it harder in dealing with the winter season. Applying more ointments and keeping my flat warm are some of the things I do to try and combat the cold. How is everyone else coping?

  1. yes, half the battle is finding out what the triggers are. It's a constant fight! Glad to hear your son is doing better atm.

    1. My son seems to do better in some ways - think not getting hot, no pollen about and not having to have sun cream helps. However his arms which really improved in summer - guessing from the sun have become a problem area again now it's winter. always seems to be the way - as one part improves another part goes downhill, the problem when eczema affects the whole body - so hard to get eczema free days.

      1. so true, and I'm sorry to hear your son struggles with this as well. I find this to be true in my case too. My face calms down, and then my hands may flare instead - it always seems to be something. I hope your son completely improves soon! -Nina ( Team Member)

      2. Thanks Nina a really tough year for sure. I have found it very hard to treat when reading up on the different treatments - i have read your story too and know you have had it really tough. Essentially we find we are trying to treat the eczema now as it is so he is comfortable, but also having to think long term about any treatments so to avoid any side affects. Whilst being bombarded by both medical and non medical ways to heal eczema, or what different people found worked.

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