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Eczema in summer

How do you manage your eczema during the summer? Share your tips and tricks!

  1. Summer time tends to be worst for me as far as flare ups go, so I spend a lot of time inside, unfortunately! When I do go out, I have to make sure to limit direct sun exposure - like wearing a hat to protect my face, and using skin friendly SPF products when needed.

    1. Unfortunately I stay inside as much as possible with the ac on. I live in triple digit dry heat and my skin is in a terrible flare up. On Rinvoq but it's not working anymore.

      1. same here, unfortunately I’m unable to get out much during summertime - it’s the worst time of year for me personally, so I can completely relate. Do you mind me asking how long you’ve been on Rinvoq? So sorry to hear it’s not helping anymore, and I hope you get some relief from the flare up soon. -Nina (Team Member)

    2. I'm on Dupixent and it's working well for me.

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