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How often do you lie about your eczema?

I am, generally speaking, an honest person, however, I do occasionally lie to friends about how bad my skin and mental state can get. I don't want to burden anyone with my problems. This is why this community is so amazing. I can just offload at any time and I know others can empathize immediately. Does anyone else minimize or lie to friends/family about this?

  1. I did not downplay my condition, I screamed to the heavens because my healthcare was iffy certain doctors wouldn't help me.

    1. I definitely have lied to my friends due to not wanting to explain and for me personally not be a burden by dumping what's going on physically and emotionally. I know myself well enough that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the moment because I would be so wrapped up in my thoughts or even itching while I'm out. So I would rather save the time and stress and just stay in.

      1. I totally relate to this. I’m 21 so at the age where I am constantly invited for days out by my friends. They do not see the exhausting process behind me getting ready. Sometimes I am too tired for it. I can rarely go out for the whole day without preparation. So especially when I get last minute invitations, I say I have something come up. I try to avoid explaining how taxing eczema is physically and mentally because they simply won’t understand

        1. I've definitely done that many times before. I agree in some cases and with certain people it's just easier rather than trying to explain something, especially if you know they won't understand it. A white lie, I suppose. 😛 -Nina ( Team Member)

        2. - really glad you can relate to the mental issues that eczema brings. I think even when the eczema clears my skin still feels uncomfortable. Try explaining that to people!!! Good point, I often avoid explaining my condition to people too. It's not easy living with this. It's nice to have a little community like this where everyone can relate to these issues. Thanks for sharing! Pete ( Team Member)

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