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Kill bacteria on the skin

the bacteria on our skins is eating you keeping the itch going, by now a few on site might be talking about colloidal silver water as a preventive to the itch. I realise many have tried everything on the market reading over the site this weekend I have seen most have the same symptoms. I had eczema for around 4 yrs and tried all the creams etc and got nowhere like everyone else. I found this water worked for myself and my 2 nieces so what did I do,, I went to ebay and paid my tenner and stopped the itch in its tracks, over a few months I used the creams to clear the skin on my forehead that went into my ears where I had bacteria in clusters , I was scraping dead skin off for a while but my skins now clear of dead skin, the water killed the bacteria I cleaned up the mess left behind. its not a long road it can be over in a few months. nothing to lose and a life to gain .

  1. Thanks for sharing what has helped you and your nieces feel better, . We always remind people to check with their care team before changing up their treatment/skincare routines. Appreciate you encouraging others not to give up on this very long and painful road. Take care, -Sarah ( Team Member)

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