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Managing Flares for My Child at Home

Oatmeal bath/wash in tepid to warm water with a tablespoon of bleach. It took the redness and itch out of the rash for my daughter. Then A&D ointment on open areas and lanolin on closed areas, unless she was on a prescription at the time. Also, less fried and processed foods during the flare. Increasing water and fiber intake seemed to help too, well it helped her not be as miserable.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Samantha. Nice work in reducing your daughter's fried and processed food intake. Great to hear you are tackling this full on. Believe me, your daughter will be very thankful in years to come!!

    1. Samantha - Thanks so much for sharing what has helped you and your kids in our DIY forum!!! Love how you focus on all aspects, including diet and hydration. I hope this continues to bring your daughter relief. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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