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Reoccurring skin infections

Has anyone had re-occurring infections? If so, how did you deal with them?

I have a re-occurring infection in my legs. Which has been going on for a few months now. Prior to this infection I would never get eczema on my legs.

  1. I've only got one working eye I get I get sore eye mainly in the evening I put warm water on it goes away my options said it could be dry eye but I don't think it is it's like get watering eye and it stings

    1. I go to a option regular I'm going this week I have to go every 3 months

    2. Hello dear , I am smiling as I read your words. Please stay in touch after your visit to the eye specialist. Not only am I curious as to the advice rendered but also, we genuinely care about your health and wellbeing. Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

  2. I used to, but not anymore and haven't had this issue in a couple years now. When I did, I found taking colloidal silver internally, as well as using it on the area helped me a ton, as well as just improving and modulating my immune system in general. Hope it goes away quickly!

    1. Amazon has it all! I will check it out.


    2. I recommend Balmonds skin salvation you can get it amazon it takes about 45 minutes to work and its all natural the main thing it has in it is CBD OIL bee's wax and honey so much better than the steroids cream

  3. , how do you treat infection on your legs?

    1. I have been using antibiotic creams and just letting it dry out. This has been going on for a long time and before I never had a problem. It has become quite a problem and I hope it goes away soon.

    2. what kind of infection do you get on your legs? I get cellulitis on my arms and then have to use antibiotics that works for me. A few years ago I got it so bad I stayed in hospital on an intravenous drip for a week. So maybe antibiotics or anti inflammatory drugs may help you?

  4. I normally get re-occurring eye infections. If I catch it early enough, I treat it with warm water and cotton wool. Otherwise eyedrops.

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