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Relieving the Itch

Itchy skin can feel like one of the worst symptoms of atopic dermatitis/eczema, if not the worst.

What treatments and treatment methods have helped you or your loved one with relieving itchy skin? Please share below!

  1. Hi, team,

    Im really concerned about my sister 39 years old. I'm French so please forgive me for the grammar or other mistakes.

    My sister's strong Dermatitis condition is not getting any better.

    She has been suffering from this condition since late teens and as been using systemic medicinal treatments such as oral corticosteroids as well as cremes for several years.

    When she got pregnant, she had to refrain and eventually stop all forms of steroids which have decreased her immune system towards other medication such as Cyclosporin.
    a series of side effects have appeared. She and her husband has a 2 years old... the husband is very low , and all seems to be falling apart.

    They have been to italy see some specialist and has gone through several treatments ...all being unsuccessful.

    She doesn't sleep much , cannot relax or do simple task. Her skin has gone so thick and her face is almost unrecognizable.

    She ofens "bangs" her head on the wall.. cries and is depressed with not being able to play with her baby girl now 2 years old.
    She feel she has tried everything...and refuses to go anywhere or do anything due to mental and physical state...

    I'm an worried for her and for the kind of words which comes out if her mouth.

    I would like to help and turn to you, hoping that you would direct me towards the best institution, professional, forum or any group, doctors , specialist which could help lessen the pain.

    I pray for all children ,adults and anyone suffering directly or indirectly from this condition.

    And thank you in advance for your response.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Ellie,

      I am so sorry to hear about your sister's suffering and that her skin isn't getting better. It sounds like she has had quite a journey with AD throughout her life and I can tell that you're doing everything you can to help her in this struggle. Your testament to her emotional symptoms is one that many others in the community can relate to. Lack of sleep and depression can surely be some serious consequences of AD. We do have a section of our site that is dedicated to emotional impact here ( This condition can certainly be very frustrating and painful to live with.

      As for resources and recommendations, I commend you for reaching out to us here. Since you said that you are French, I have found a Facebook page for a French organization called Foundation pour la Dermatite Atopique which might be helpful for finding a professional in France ( The National Eczema Association is a great resource for finding a specialist as well, though it is based in America (

      Please keep us posted on how you and your sister are doing. I'm sending you both virtual hugs. The community is here to support, and I will be thinking of you both, hoping she finds some relief soon.
      -Sarah ( Team Member)

    2. thank you for reaching out. I feel so so sorry for your sister and her husband. You have articulated this brilliantly and have conveyed the awful nature of this disease and what it can do to relationships. As my team lead - says, we have a great online community here with various forums, Q&As, stories and experiences that you may find helpful. For example this is a link to an article I wrote in which I shared some tips of how to deal with the itching: As I say, there are many more articles like this that you can find here that you might find helpful. I wish your sister well and I hope she finds a way forward with this. Pete ( - Team Moderator)

  2. I've used hydrocortisone ointment (1% available over the counter) to help with the itch, but it is always short lived. Gotta heal the skin to make it stop itching!

    1. I'm curious to know what works for other people as well!

      1. thanks for raising this! I normally use a combination of steroid creams, moisturisers and antihistamines all of which are prescribed by my doctor. Everyone reacts differently to certain treatments, however, I cannot lie... sometimes a good old itch is the only thing that gives me relief in that moment. All the best! - Pete( - Site Moderator)

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