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Running to completion - stopping steroids?

I’ve had eczema as far as i can remember (22 now) and i’ve been using mometasone fuorate (elomet) for the flare ups.

It might seem irrelevant but i’ve been interning at a malaria research unit for 9 months now and so I had to read plenty of malaria research there. An interesting topic of research is the so called “asymptomatic infection”. This happens when a person infected by malaria so many times that that persons immunity becomes so experienced that the malaria infection is suppressed (but still there) and symptoms are absent

I think that another way to achieve asymptomatic infections is to let the infection “run to completion” meaning to just wait it out and deal with symptoms instead of the infection, which was the case entirely before the advent of anti-malarial drugs.

Now with regards to eczema, I have never had flare ups last for long because I’d just use topical steroids. I wonder if I let flare ups continue for weeks or months if they would disappear because i don't think the body can maintain a flare up for weeks on end and would trigger some kind of anti-inflammatory control that makes the flare ups disappear...

This is purely just speculation of course but Im very curious as to what would happen if you stopped the topical steroid and just let it run to completion either weeks or months? Has anyone ever tried something similar if so please share. I’ve been doing it for 4 days and there are flare ups all over but i’m determined to see this through.

  1. Interesting read . It made a lot of sense actually. I am due to see my dermatologist in the next few months so it will be very intriguing to see what he offers me in the way of treatment. Thanks for posting this. Very helpful! Pete ( - Site Moderator)

    1. thanks for sharing your experience in malaria research. I have tried TSW and it is no fun. In my case, and I know everyone is different, but it was like my body went into overdrive and my skin got worse and worse. I had to get back on to my topical steroids after three weeks. I have again reduced drastically the amount I am now applying to twice a week and only spreading very thinly on cracks on my face and wrists. I don't bother applying to my legs. just go through the pain! It is an interesting theory and if it has worked for others, my next question would be how severe was their eczema previously. Thanks again for raising! Pete ( - Site Moderator)

      1. I can attest to how unfun it is..... I used topical steroids last night because it was unbearable. But lets try again... I've run into an interesting paper today though that might answer your question

        Anyhow thanks for sharing your experience!

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