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Hand Sanitizer Issues


I am wondering if anyone who suffers from eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis has any issues with using a hand sanitizer products when unable to wash hands?

I've heard that sanitizer products containing isopropyl alcohol feel horribly dry when used by those who suffered from skin conditions, and actually exacerbated such conditions.

Thank you so much for any advice.


  1. Really irritating my fingers!

    1. The part that really stinks are the places that have you use hand sanitizer before you can enter (doctor offices, dental offices.) When you try to explain why that isn't a good idea you are met with that look of them thinking your are crazy. You just do it knowing the next 3 weeks are going to be undoing all the work you have done healing your hands as much as possible. At work you use a million gloves because you can't use the disinfecting wipes without them. Now you are part of the environmental problem.

      1. that really does suck! I would suggest keeping your own sanitizer at all times to use instead and possible your own wipes to use too. If you can’t find a completely clean brand in stores, try baby based brands like Honest Co. or others. They usually have less ingredients for potential harm.

      2. Great suggestion; thank you!

    2. Most of the hand sanitizers I’ve run into also contain fragrance, which I’m allergic to, so add contact dermatitis to my atopic dermatitis! Yes, whenever possible, I avoid hand sanitizers and just use my own soap (carefully chosen after years of trial and error) and water. In reading the medical literature, I gather it’s the water and the friction that’s important, rubbing off any accumulated fomites (blobs of germs + saliva or mucus).

      1. Hi, , thanks for the suggestion of CeraVe hydrating bar. I’ll definitely be trying it. I always use their moisturizing cream for my face. I actually wrote an article about it you can find here if you’re interested: Thanks again, Cora Lyn, Team Member

      2. thanks for the CeraVe knowledge. That brand really is moisturizing. If you aren’t able to find a sanitizer in store I personally have found amazing solutions from online brands. Often not having to preserve shelf life causes them to be able to do without certain added ingredients that could harm contact dermatitis.

        I never tried this, but possibly using a thick moisturizer right before the sanitizer can help the reaction or level of dryness. Of course immediately after is important too.

    3. Hi - I try to avoid most, if not all hand sanitizing products. They cause irritation for me. I stick to emollients and moisturising creams.

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