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In anyone's experience is it better to use a regular razor, razor with lubricating strips, or an electric razor to shave? Which one and why. And if you use a lubricating strip do you still need to use soap or shaving gel and what type of soap or shaving gel would be the best for someone with atopic dermatitis? Thank you for all your suggestions and input.

  1. Hi ! Thanks for bringing up this topic! I personally use to shave using just normal razors that had aloe moisturizer on them + some very gentle shaving cream, both by Billie. I loved using them and found them to be the most gentle razors for my sensitive skin. I will admit though, I haven't used them in a long while, mostly just because I've stopped shaving due to the colder seasons, needing to shave fairly often, and just how uncomfortable the stubble would be the next day. But I know for sure that once I'm ready to shave again, I'll be going right back to what I was using before. I hope this is helpful for you! Wishing you a lovely day💕 - Abigail, Team Member

    1. How do you get rid of the pain from the stubble. I would love to know that or how to deal with the pain from the stubble?

    2. That's such a good question that I truly wish I had an answer for. I've always struggled with the stubble being uncomfortable as it grows in and that's actually one of the reasons I stopped shaving. One thing that has helped ease the pain is wearing t-shirts that are quite soft. Those tend to make it less painful for my armpits (which is usually the worst part for me) and gives them something soft to be against, instead of rubbing against my skin.
      Legs are a bit trickier, but again, wearing comfortable and loose pants help me quite a bit. However, I know that's not always an option, especially during the warmer seasons.
      I know it wasn't much, but I hope it was at least a bit helpful💕 and if you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to reach out💗 - Abigail, Team Member

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