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Relief for Stinging Sensation

Do you ever feel a stinging sensation on your skin? For example, when bathing or applying moisturizers? When do you usually feel it and how do you find relief?

  1. Yes I get stinging and burning skin often even when no products are applied to my skin. Everytime I have mentioned this to other eczema sufferers in the past, they said they never heard of burning skin with this condition unless they applied something which there skin did not like.

    It is definitely made worse when I apply many products and from water. As someone else mentioned, going in the ocean is like torture. I describe it as feeling like hundreds of cuts and shards of glass all over the skin and then pouring acid on it. Sometimes it is worse than other times but it isn’t always clear why. Applying chemical sunscreen is a definite no no for me... it instantly stings my skin and has never done much sun protection as I tend to burn more when it was applied! I used to apply natural zinc cream but now I have to just stay indoors as removing the zinc cream is too harsh on my skin and I burn very quickly even with sun protection and shade.

    1. Thanks for starting the thread. It is interesting because I made a comment on another thread about this very symptom and how no one I mentioned this to in the past had heard or experienced this (other than when applying products to their skin) and then I found this thread a few minutes later and it seems it actually might be quite common symptom after all.

      Winter is still harder for me with drier skin but the sun protection and swimming is a big dilemma now. I wish there was an alternative to chemical sunscreen and zinc barrier because regular salt water did seem to help a bit despite the instant pain. I might have to try having some seawater brought home in a bottle and see if that helps if splashed on my skin.

    2. I completely relate to the stinging and burning feeling. For me, it got even worse when I went through Topical Steroid Withdrawal, but I still struggled with it even before that with Atopic Dermatitis. I went on vacation a few months ago and really had trouble finding a sunscreen that worked for me. I tried a natural zinc one but didn't like it very much, and the sun ended up doing more damage to me than the water. Although it initially did sting when I got in the ocean, it went away after a bit and I felt like the seawater was good for my skin (along with just the fresh air in general!) Have you tried using Epsom or Dead Sea Salts at home in the bath or even just as a spray? -Nina ( Team Member)

  2. yes I get the stinging sensation from going in the ocean. It is the worst! It’s like I’m torturing myself. Now I only go in up to my knees. I can tolerate that.

    1. @SarahWalin - honestly every time, I get into the shower! But luckily after about 30secs, the stinging subsides.

    2. Thanks for sharing what helps you, Pete. -Sarah ( Team Member)

  3. oh yesssss. Mine is usually when I shower now, though it used to be a lot more often. It used to be so bad during TSW that I was prescribed Gabapentin for the pain. Thankfully, not nearly that severe now.

    For me personally, sometimes ice can help, but the most help I’ve found is using Skullcap as a supplement - great plant for nerve pain and nerve healing and regeneration in general. It can also help with anxiety due to this as it acts on the whole central nervous system. It was a game changer for me! -Nina ( Team Member)

    1. Interesting. Did the skullcap supplement actually help the skin or was it more reducing the pain?

      Unfortunately I have to be extremely careful with anything I take as even the most gentle natural products cause me great problems, especially with my gut issues.

    2. I didn’t notice it helped with my skin when I took it alone, only with anxiety and pain (but that can help skin in turn, too). However, in the TCM formulas, it helped me a lot. Those are a custom combination made by a TCM practicioner though. I also have a very sensitive digestive system and gut issues, so I completely understand. She always had to do more mild formulas for me and lower doses of herbs. Skullcap is pretty mild in general though. -Nina ( Team Member)

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