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What helps you manage itch?

I know itch is such a hot topic here in the eczema community. It can be frustrating, not allow us to sleep, and send flakes flying everywhere. What are some ways that you manage your itch?

  1. ICE ICE ICE! Ice is my go to 😀

    1. - one of the biggest topics in our community, no doubt there. There are things I do to prevent the itch from coming, but I have to say once the itch gets through all my defense mechs, I just have to just let it do its thing!

      1. Ice is my 'go to' too , and it allows me to hold off meds til noon.

        1. I find ice pack to be very helpful on the worst areas (for me,it's the lower back). I can then hold off on taking medication as long as possible.

          1. ice is a life saver for me! I had to purchase an ice mask for my face, as my face tends to get the brunt of it, and it helps so much. I'm not a huge fan of taking anti histamines, so I always go for ice first lol! -Nina ( Team Member)

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