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3 Essential Things That Help Me Navigate Eczema

I have become well experienced and very used to adjustments in my daily life and plans when random eczema flares come up on me. This condition causes me both physical and emotional pain on occasion. The most frustrating part is not feeling in control. It forces to stop everything and change plans to provide self-care, when I can.

What are my eczema essentials?

I never know how long that I will be inconvenienced. But there are some essential things that have served me well. First is having my supplies current and nearby. Second is my support network and others. Third is my continual learning and planning.

Essential #1

First is keeping my supplies current and nearby. There are a several wonderful products and items that I have at home and in my car. Some are prescribed medications, and some are items are not. I have my prescribed medication creams, ointments, and things that I can use when I am in pain or I have an area that needs attention. The additional items include cold packs, soft cloths, specific fabric clothing, etc. I try to avoid scratching by distracting myself: watching a good show on TV, picking up a book, calling out to a loved one via phone, or just trying to rest in a quiet room.

Essential #2

Second is my support network and others. Being on this journey, I have been blessed to have excellent people around me. Sometimes it is not easy to be patient when dealing with active symptoms. The hardest times was thinking I could provide care for myself all the time, especially when I cannot lift my hands or touch anything. I am grateful for family and friends who have been patient with me finding my way. It took a while for me to find providers and caregivers in my journey as a patient. There are many valuable people both in person and virtually there to help when I need them.

Essential #3

Third, I have learned the importance of continual learning and planning. For me, I spent time reflecting on what I have been through in the past and recalling what I did or did not do. Also, I have sought out resources in the community, whether they are in-person or online. Having the chance to communicate with other patients where I can understand what they have gone through gives me some perspective. Also, besides working with my current care professionals’ team, I like to read about what is up and coming for the eczema community. There are always new products and services that I run past with my care team to see if that will help me.

What has eczema taught me?

I like to think that, above all, dealing with eczema teaches and challenges me to be physically and emotionally prepared. It mostly has taught me to be strong and open to lean on other people for help. Education is important to me and I welcome the chance to continue with my learning path. There are so many great resources out there and it is great to see so many of my fellow eczema patients being courageous to share and speak about their journeys.

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