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A girl with headphones on and a coffee in hand, dancing in the morning.

Keep Busy, Distract Yourselves!

One of the most effective ways to avoid flare-ups is to try and distract yourself when you think one might be on its way. It is not a straightforward thing to do. If you leave it even a little too late in reacting, then chances are no distracting will help. Right now, I am in danger of getting really bad with my eczema and am having to focus on all the tips and tricks I have offered others going through the same experiences as me.

I always wake up scratching

Every day I wake up scratching and it is a total nightmare getting ready in the mornings. Anyone with moderate to severe eczema will know exactly where I am coming from when I say this. This morning was different because the moment my eyes opened, I jumped out of bed, quickly threw some clothes on, and darted into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, I felt an attack coming on, and I was angered by it.

I was determined to prevent the flare

I was determined to prevent it with all my might! As the kettle boiled, I whacked on my headphones and selected a feel-good dance track to try and steer me away from what I feared was coming. It worked! I darted out of bed quickly, making my coffee, playing some music (New Order's 'Be a rebel' for any musos out there!), and like magic, the threat just went away.

I tried distracting myself

Why don't I just do this every morning? I wish it were that simple. There are days when I just cannot get out of bed. I feel restricted physically. It is hard to pinpoint exactly how or why this happens, and I really don't know why I get like this. I suspect if I did drag myself out of bed on those days, I am not sure if my little techniques to be proactive would work. Maybe they might. I will make a real effort to see if they do.

Distract yourself with what you love doing. If nothing else, it may help in reducing your symptoms. So do whatever you think may take your mind off of the scratch! Be it cooking, cleaning, listening to a podcast, going for a run, whatever.

You can do it too

Our minds are so powerful that sometimes we can avert these very stressful situations. Changing our behaviors and recognizing our behavior patterns can be really useful tools in alleviating some of our symptoms. Like anything, it is hard work and takes incredible amounts of discipline, but if I can do it, so can you.

Maintain expectations

Also, I think patience is key. There will be times you may think you have done all the prep and recognized when your flares come, and none of the above seems to have any effect. I know it may be frustrating, but at least you know you did your best. Just knowing that sometimes these distraction techniques will fail will hopefully keep you sane too. You will not have your expectations set too high. And when you do get some success, like I managed to get this morning, it is a great feeling.

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