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3 Reasons to Try ASMR for Eczema

Have you ever had trouble relaxing after a flare-up and scratching your skin ragged? Have you ever found it difficult to get a good night’s sleep because your skin feels so hot and itchy? Or because of your anxiety about the next scratch attack? Have you already considered trying sound therapy for it? Or ASMR?

What is ASMR?

As an eczema veteran (30 years+), I know first-hand how much these issues plague our community. And what I have found helpful for anxiety and insomnia has been ASMR which stands for the autonomous sensory meridian response. This is a phenomenon where people who are sensitive to sound enjoy certain sounds that give them a pleasurable experience that runs down the back of their head and spine and that sensation is referred to as a “tingle” or tingling sensation after hearing certain repetitive sounds. Some examples of these sounds can be tapping, chewing, or even the sounds of a paintbrush stroking a canvas if someone is doing art.

Why have I used ASMR for my eczema?

I have found this kind of performative act to be very therapeutic and helpful for me to become more mindful and calm in the moment. For me, listening to and watching ASMR videos gets me into a very meditative state.

Considering this, here are my three top reasons for using ASMR to cope with eczema:

Reason #1

It helps me feel more grounded and calm in my body. Many times I can become anxious because of worrying about the future or having insomnia because of other worries and stresses in life which can then trigger itching and scratching as coping mechanisms. What I find really impactful about ASMR, in terms of having sensitive skin, is that I find it to be a great way to snap myself out of spiraling in my mind through my anxieties and worries. Being hyperfocused on something such as sound anchors me more in my body and how it is feeling in the moment which helps me to stay more grounded and relaxed.

Reason #2

It snaps me out of spiraling and distracts me from scratching too much. Another benefit I have found with using ASMR as sound therapy is that it's also a great distraction to your thoughts, worries, anxieties as well as scratching and It can help give you something else to focus on, especially when you're going to sleep. I find that in particular I really enjoy the sounds of water such as rain drops or different types of water-filled devices that some ASMR artists use. I find the sound of water and other elements from nature so calming.

Reason #3

It offers companionship at a safe distance. Sometimes I find that psychologically, it can be comforting to have some kind of experience of companionship even if it's not in person. Whether or not we are ready for it or are willing to accept it, in my opinion, the digital and social media world is a part of the real world. For many of us who do not have comfort or support in person in our own families or our own inner circles, we are able to find that companionship and support online, which is made up of real people logging into the internet, too. And if we are lucky we at some point have the opportunity to meet in person in the future.

Which ASMR artists do I watch?

Currently, two of my favorite ASMR artists are:

  • Chyna Unique (Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok) who is really good with her mouth sounds and tapping with her long nails. I find her energy and presence to be very positive, gentle, optimistic and sweet which really calms down my nerves. She is gorgeous and her smile and kind messages give me hope for the future.
  • Old Time Hawkey lives in a cabin in the woods with his two dogs and he does some great, chill cooking videos as well as 1990s nostalgia with old video games and movies. He kind of brings you back to a time that was simpler as well as a child-like innocence about it. He also offers a kind companionship when he makes a drink or meal for you and offers you one of the servings.

Have you tried it?

I hope that if you are a sensitive skin warrior and if you are dealing with anxiety or insomnia, that you will give ASMR a chance. You never know what you could discover about yourself and what is out there until you try it out.

Have you already explored ASMR? If so, what has your experience been so far? Would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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