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5 Distractions From My Skin This Season

In the past, I used to really think I knew my body. I used to think I understood when my skin would flare and when it would be fine. I became confident in this. A little too confident. Now as the seasons' change, so does my attitude towards my skin.

Unpredictable eczema

Truth is, I don’t know how my skin is going to react to the constant ups and downs of North Carolina. I don’t know if it will continue to give me a break or put up a fight. In the past, I’ve also allowed my skin to take up much more of my time and attention than it really deserves. I refused to sit around, dwelling on my condition. So here are some things I’ve been doing lately to keep my mind off of it!

Going to the gym

This one is really a double-edged sword. While it does an excellent job of distracting me from a lot of things going on in my life, it’s still a heavy burden when it comes to eczema. At the gym, I get sweaty. I get dirty. I work hard. Nothing feels it more than my skin. Sweat is the worst when it comes to my condition and it’s really hard to not focus on my skin during these times, unless I actively choose not to. So I make that decision. Because it tends to get pretty cool during this time in North Carolina, I like to wear long-sleeve jackets at the gym. The workout attire of course. It helps me sweat more and also hides my imperfections!


This is a way to distract yourself and stay on budget all at once! Thrifting truly serves as a form of therapy for me. When I’m at a thrift store, all I see is myself and someone else’s old valuables! *haha* I realize that we don’t all have the same outlook on thrifting, so if it’s something you’re not into, try budget shopping and places like the Dollar Store. I promise, there are sooo many cheap finds, you just have to put yourself out there!


Kids don’t give you time to think about yourself! They don’t really give you time for much of anything, but THEM! If you find yourself dwelling on your condition or worried about things completely out of your control, try offering to babysit a friend or sibling’s kid for a day or two. I’m SURE that will get your mind off of things.

Ice cream

When I’m having a really hard day, there’s absolutely NOTHING a bowl of ice cream can’t fix in my life. Try enjoying a sweet treat the next time you find yourself down about the struggles of your condition.

Rock/mountain climbing

Just like with the gym, sweating can cause aggravation to your skin so it’s very important to dress appropriately and bring the appropriate products, but overall I’ve found hiking to be an excellent stress reliever!

What about you? What are you doing to de-stress and practice self-care this season? I’d love to know!

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