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5 Important Reminders for Eczema Warriors

5 Important Reminders for Eczema Warriors

Between trying new creams and resisting the urge to scratch, life with eczema can sure get stressful. It’s no wonder that dealing with an often unpredictable and uncontrollable condition like eczema can take a toll mentally.

We looked no further than our amazing team of advocates for some important reminders that every Eczema Warrior needs to hear. If you can relate to the sleepless nights, trying this and trying that, the secret satisfaction of dim lighting and dark clothing – this is for you.

1. It’s not easy

If only the words, “stop scratching” were the cure for eczema. Dealing with a chronic condition like atopic eczema is already hard enough. It doesn’t help when people, who don’t know about your condition, start telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Read more in Jennifer’s article, Unhelpful Advice.

2. People will make assumptions

If your eczema is present on visible portions of your body, you may have experienced unwanted attention. Living with a visible condition isn’t easy and the assumptions that people make can be hurtful. Read more in Abi’s article, My Life With Eczema.

3. Eczema is not who you are

When you’re managing a condition like eczema, it’s easy to feel like you’re bound by it. Sharing about your eczema for the first time can be scary. There is so much more to who you are besides your eczema. Read more in Shawn’s article, Dating When You Have Atopic Eczema.

4. Support is critical

Have you ever reached a low point with eczema? You aren’t alone. Finding a community of people who understand what you are going through can make a difference. Read more in Terry’s article, Finding Your Eczema Support System Could Save Your Life.

5. You are beautiful

For the days when hiding in a cocoon feels like the only option: your eczema does not take away from your beauty. The light within you is what makes you beautiful, from the outside in! Your beauty is more than skin deep. Read more in KeTwanna’s article, 5 Tips for Kids with Atopic Eczema.

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