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Sleepless With Skin Stuff 

Having you been missing out on a solid nights sleep because of skin issues from atopic dermatitis? It’s tough to try and stay tucked in when you’re kicking the covers, tossing and turning, and scratching. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with dryness, white flaky skin, or even redness and irritation that goes with infection - there are a few tips that will help anyone fall asleep a little faster, and stay asleep a little longer. If you’re sleepless with skin stuff, see if some of these suggestions are helpful to you.

The right fabric

Surrounding yourself in soft nighttime clothing is a must. If you are able and willing, you might even sleep in the buff. Nothing is more irritating than a rough seam rubbing against tender or allergy prone skin. If you choose to wear PJs, pick a fabric that is hypoallergenic for your skin. If you are able and willing, you might even sleep in the buff. Either way, I also insist of the softest of sheets. That could mean a high thread count, certain microfiber, linen, or gentle cotton bed coverings.

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The right temperature

Hot temps can lead to increased inflammatory response from the skin. That little itch can prevent you from falling into deeper states of sleep. You’re right on the edge, but never entering into that rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep. A cooler room can create that perfect environment. If you share a thermostat with other family members, try closing or opening vents to allow the room where you sleep to be a cool cave where sleep comes easier.

The right medication

Your doctor can prescribe oral medications, injections, and creams. It’s up to you to take full advantage of them. You may get tired, and be itch-free during the evening. You think that by just going to bed, you will fall asleep. Try thinking ahead over the next several hours, you can take action to prevent that itching response before it even starts.

The right mindset

A worried and fretful mind sends signals to your body. It can even create an environment of restlessness. When getting ready to retire for the evening, start off by going over your entire day. If there is a moment that stands out as having brought up negative feelings for you, make a note. Surround that moment, whether it is a situation or a person, with forgiveness and healing thoughts. Tell yourself to let it go. if it comes back to you, take long slow deep breathes and keep saying, “I Let Go” and soon, you will become more relaxed.

There are so many things that can disrupt sleep. If you are sleepless with skin stuff, it's hard to power through the next day. You will be mentally and emotionally stronger after a good nights sleep. By taking the right steps to ensure better rest, you may be less sleepless with skin stuff. Having the right fabric next to your skin, and sleeping in the right temperature for your comfort is a great way to start. Use the right dose of medications and keep a right mindset. You’ll wake up with more confidence to face your day!

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