Allergy Season is Driving Me Crazy

Although I am terribly allergic to pollen, I never think too much about allergy season. - Sure, it's my most dreaded time of the year. - But besides the fact that I can't breathe, my face is dry, my nose is stuffed, my eyes are literally burning, and at any moment I can lose what little of my sanity I have left, it's not that bad, right? Nope. Wrong.

A rough allergy season

This actually isn't even my worst year with allergies, nor is it the worst pollen season in my area, but for some reason, my skin is having one of the worst reactions I've seen in a while. Normally I try not to let it bother me. I'm still trying to not let it bother me, but it's hard. When dealing with allergies (amongst other things like Cold, Flu, etc.), it's hard to win the battle against atopic dermatitis (AD). The everlasting battle between me and my skin. I wish I were like everyone else. You know, the people with the pretty skin, breathing because they can (freely, all year long).

I can't get any relief!

Because my skin has been especially aggravated this season, places that are not usually problem areas have begun to cause some trouble. While my "adult AD" normally would take up about 70% of my forearm, because of allergy season it's not increased significantly (to around 90 or 95%). My skin is so red, painful and irritated that it's driving me crazy. In the past, I've tried my fair share of medications, ointments, etc. I'm glad it's worked for some people, but it's never worked for me. It drives me insane to continuously put on lotion after lotion, ointment after ointment. The feeling of it has always been gross to me. - We tried it so often when I was a child that I dread putting on everyday lotion now!

Healthcare provider frustrations

I haven't tried a new treatment for my skin since high school. At least that was the last time I had something prescribed. I'm highly considering it again. A friend of mine mentioned different options her doctor gave her. - When I was growing up I honestly don't remember very many being available. I've been avoiding my dermatologist because at times it felt as if my condition isn't really taken seriously. I hate trying to convince a healthcare provider to treat me. I hate trying to explain to someone why a symptom is uncomfortable for me. It's hard being judged by your outward appearance, especially when you have absolutely no control over it.

It's sad that I always end up dreading my birthday month due to allergies. I can't even look forward to my birthday anymore! I wish there was more awareness for everything those living with atopic dermatitis and eczema have to go through. It's challenging to live with our conditions. We have to live with these burdens (internal and external) daily. We have to adjust our lives to attempt to do normal things in order to be comfortable or even just to be looked at like everyone else.

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