Pollen Falling Everywhere

It may look like a fairytale land where you live right now. One step outside the door in the morning sunlight reveals bright yellow and pale green dust shimmering as far as your eye can see. At first glance, it does seem magical. Thoughts of Tinker Bell may come to mind. But then the annoying parts sets in... and I’m talking about frustration beyond a dragon’s lair or a crocodile.

What is pollen?

Every seed in nature contains male and female parts. You remember that from science class, right? But what you may not have realized is that every single plant, including trees, flowers, grass, and weeds produce a lot of pollen while having plant sex. The usual itchy and watery eyes are all most people experience. Some may get headaches from sinus troubles or have difficulty breathing. Those with atopic dermatitis know that it can go to a whole other level when it gets on your skin.

Tips to reduce skin problems with pollen

  • Wear lightweight long-sleeved clothing and long pants. Then when you come indoors, throw them in the washer to rinse of any pollen.
  • Take a quick shower and rinse the pollen out of your hair after being outside during the procreation season.
  • Try to stay indoors if the wind is breezy. Waiting until the wind dies down is a good way to avoid extra pollen particles.
  • Use a mask if you are outdoors for long periods of time. Purchase one that is highly rated, or even has a high filter rating.
  • Change, or clean the filters in your air conditioning or heating unit. This helps to keep the air inside your home free from most of the tiny particles that can irritate your skin.
  • Keep your windows closed. You may be tempted to air things out, but it’s best to keep things close up if there is a skin flare going on.
  • Keep a package of wipes near your front door. After going outside, wipe off the bottoms of your shoes. This prevents pollen from tracking. If it gets into your carpet, it is easy for little ones with skin allergies to get irritated skin.
  • Vacuum the house frequently. It’s important to sweep the floor if you have severe skin problems. Even a quick swipe at the curtains a few times a week can make a big difference for a skin allergy sufferer.
  • After your pet has been outdoors, take a moist towelette or washcloth and wipe them down. There are even special wipes that can be purchased at pet stores. They are safe to use on cats too! But a wet wash cloth will give the same benefit.

The pollen season doesn’t last long. Most people will have reactions for a few weeks. It may seem like a lot of trouble to keep the pollen away from you, or your loved ones, skin. You can decide how much effort it takes to keep your house from having a level of pollen falling everywhere that makes everyone itchy. After the pollen season is over, everyone can live happily ever after – that is, until next pollen season.

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