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The Most Annoying Comments

Sometimes the comments that people make about our skin are eye-roll worthy, but others are just plain annoying. From offering advice on what we should use on our skin to telling us to stop scratching, it's clear that many truly don't what it's like to live with eczema. It almost makes us want to cover our ears the second they start. The Editorial Team at asked our advocate team to share some of the most annoying comments they’ve heard about their skin and this is what they had to say:

The comments we've all heard

Jeff: The most annoying comment that I’ve heard is, “Eczema is JUST a minor rash.” On the contrary, it is much more than that. To me, eczema is sleepless nights, social anxiety, extreme bodily pain, and much more. I wouldn’t wish severe eczema on my worst enemy. Comments like that really grind my gears.

Louise:Don’t scratch! Well, you should consider putting Benadryl cream or taking a pill for that rash and you will be fine. Whatever that is, will go away. Quit scratching and complaining about the rash you have, as there are other people who are suffering from far worse health conditions.

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Why don't you use...

Cora Lyn: “Why don't you just use better lotion?” Do they think I stay this way by choice? Or think it's easy to even find a lotion that helps, let alone doesn't hurt? That $180.00 facial moisturizer she uses could contain ingredients that might have the opposite effect on my skin. Even if I could afford it. More money doesn’t change the outcome. By the way, I tried a bit of her expensive cream; it was no better than the drugstore brands. The other annoying comment is when people tell me to try it, a little won’t hurt. When I know that “little bit” will set off a new flare that could last for weeks.

Daisy: Why don't you just use sunscreen? I used to get very bad facial flares and people would think I was sunburned. People would always tell me you should wear sunscreen. I would just follow along because I would get tired of explaining to people that it was due to eczema.

It's eczema, not what YOU think it is!

Chad: A pharmacist who clearly did not listen to my story explaining my red skin and they thought it was sunburn and recommended aloe.

Ashley: I recall being at work years ago and having to take an anxiety relief pill to try and relax the itchiness I was feeling. My face was flaring up, as was my entire body. As I quickly chugged the first liquid I had, soda, a customer commented that the reason my face was red was because I wasn't supposed to take any pills with soda. At that point, I'm sure my whole body did an eye roll.

What do you mean eczema is cute!?

Raelle: "I think the eczema is cute where it is on my nephew's cheeks." Back when I never talked about my eczema this was said when my mom happened to mention it to an old friend. I was so confused to hear that and thinking in my mind there is nothing cute about the suffering and pain of irritation that a child experiences. But because I know that there are different measures of eczema severity and the average person doesn't understand how invasive eczema can be, I just moved on to another subject.

What are some annoying comments that you’ve heard?

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