The Underwear Dilemma – Over the Shoulder Holders

Lacey can be lovely, but what about when it causes skin irritations? If you have skin-related allergies, or atopic dermatitis, finding a good bra can be a problem. There is hope! With today’s shopping options, there is a solution for every skin type. Whether your irritation comes from the fabric or the fit, don’t give up. You can find a comfortable and attractive over the shoulder holder that feels good all day!

Lace frills

The lacy trim of bras are so feminine. Who doesn’t love a girly undergarment? If the lacy is made of a synthetic fabric, it can make you miserable. If you are squirming and itching, it is hard to feel pretty, oh so pretty. Sometimes the lace softens with a washing. When it doubt, nix the net or lacy.

It's all about the fabric

Most bras are made of synthetic fabric. While this ensures a snug fit, it can also create itching and redness under your breasts. Stiff fabric in your armpit may rub a blister, adding to your discomfort. If you can find a cotton lined bra, go for it. There are also online stores that carry 100% cotton bras. Sometimes a few washings will help a new undergarment to soften.

What about bra liners?

These lightweight cotton underwear are shaped just like a bra. The straps, front and back provide full coverage. This ensures that the synthetic fabrics do not come into contact with your skin. Less contact means that even allergic reactions can be reduced or eliminated entirely!

Don't forget about the bra closure

You may have an allergy to the metal or plastics used in the bra straps, closures or trim. If so, there are options. Some bra designs use a drawstring for a tight fit without the itching or rubbing that can cause redness or blistering.

A good fit is key!

This is tricky. Some department stores provide a trained fit for your bra. Use this service to get the best fit and fabric possible. If you find one you love, stock up. Write down the size and style and order extras online.

Bring a back-up

Having extra bras is super smart. If you have rubbing or discomfort with one style, switch it up. You may be able to wear one style for a few hours with a certain outfit. If you know it’s going to be a long day, put on the most comfortable one. Extras mean options. A clean bra can prevent any extra irritation on the skin.

All-day comfort with strap liners

These little cotton sleeves go a long way with me. By adding a layer of pure cotton next to my skin, I get relief. There is no lycra or nylon digging into my shoulders. That means all-day comfort from skin issues.


You can always let the girls go free. Even if you wear a bra all day, you may choose to go free at home. Overnight rests can give a lot of comfort too. A loose tank or cotton lined sports bra can provide minimal coverage with maximum freedom also.

You may have to shop, but it is worth the effort to have comfort. You may already have solved a few of these problems by trial and error like I did. But it is always good to know that there are plenty of online and department store resources to help you solve the underwear dilemma.

If skin issues are creating an underwear dilemma below the belt, read here.

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