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The Underwear Dilemma – Below the Belt

Listen, I know that this subject may be a bit awkward. Honestly though, it just seems fitting to cover the topic of what covers our, you know – that business down there. In other words, if things are not comfy and suitable for us in the underwear department, we are likely to experience distress with atopic dermatitis. If you’ve ever had tightness, itching, pinching, and other effects from having skin problems with your underwear, read on. It is possible to find a fabric, fit, and the freedom from skin troubles below the belt.

Best fabric for eczema

Is there a "best" fabric I should be wearing? Cotton is always a safe choice. Those lovely lycra and nylon jogging briefs may look awesome on you, but they can create problems. For one, they don’t allow your skin to breath. Trapped air can mean trapped moisture – leading to yeast overgrowth. Bacterial infections can spring up too. For a synthetic waistband or crotch, ensure a good fit. Many styles can be purchased with a cotton lining.

Finding underwear that fits

Does the fit of my underwear matter? It’s not easy to find a good fit. Too tight may mean pinching or creases in your skin. Too loose and there is bagginess. Nobody enjoys feeling that big wrinkle in your sit down place. If your skin is really delicate down there, a pucker can lead to a sore. If not tended to, it could even become and ulcer and who knows what all. Many specialty or department stores allow a try on in the dressing room. Use a protective pad, and find what fits. Another good idea is to find a brand and size that works. Then stock up!

Air it out

Is it a good idea to take a time-out? This comes straight from my grandmother. She was old school and grew up when everything was cotton. “You need to air things out at night,” were her exact words. She began her career as a public health nurse in the 20s. Her opinions went a long way with me. She also struggled with psoriasis her entire life and understood how to care for her skin by sleeping sans underwear.

Dye free fabric

What about whitey tighty underwear? Although it may seem boring, there are a lot of little benefits to wearing white undies. If you are one of the rare people who has an allergy to dyes, the reaction is no fun. Blue seems to be the major culprit and can easily be eliminated. Most of the dyes are “set” after washing and will not continue to cause problems. You probably already wash all of your items before wearing to prevent reactions to chemicals used in manufacturing and shipping.

Finding the right underwear

Having problems with what you’re wearing below the belt can keep you from moving and sitting comfortably. By wearing natural, breathable fabrics next to your skin, a lot of problems can be avoided. Finding a good fit is beneficial and stocking up in your size is worth the effort. Taking time off while sleeping allows your skin a break from friction and restriction. Look out for dyes and chemicals by washing everything first. Remember to consider your delicate skin to avoid having an underwear dilemma.

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