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Beverage Triggers with AD

Atopic dermatitis is a tricky condition. Its irritants cannot be pinpointed as one thing or even a few. There are many items of clothing that cause irritation. There are also many foods that cause irritation.  But drinks can also play a role in causing an atopic dermatitis flare up.

Dairy and eczema

Many people who have atopic dermatitis are allergic or are sensitive to milk and other dairy products which can lead to flare-ups. This can include:

  • Milk
  • Eggnog
  • Cocoa
  • Liquid forms of yogurt
  • Milkshakes or Frosty's
  • Smoothies (if they contain milk, yogurt, or other dairy products)

What's most troublesome is that not only can these dairy products create flare-ups, but a calcium deficiency can also play a role in creating flares. So while dairy in any form may have to be lessened, calcium levels must be maintained, which means supplements may be needed to replace calcium if dairy is an issue for your atopic dermatitis.

Grapes and eczema

Products and drinks that contain grapes can also prove to be problematic for people who have atopic dermatitis. Grape juice can be a risky no-no for people with atopic dermatitis and 100 percent grape juice can prove to be even more problematic. This can also prove problematic for adult atopic dermatitis sufferers who like to indulge in wine. IF your atopic dermatitis has ever flared out of nowhere after a lovely wine filled evening at home, now perhaps you know why. For some people, one glass of wine does not cause a reaction, perhaps even two glasses do not prove to be problematic, but often multiple glasses of wine may result in atopic dermatitis reactions.

Orange juice and eczema

The beloved juice that some believe to be a miracle worker for colds and preventing the spread of germs, may actually be just the opposite for people with sensitive skin. As tasty and helpful as orange juice can be to us internally, can be a delicious detriment externally to people with atopic dermatitis. The acidity can result in itchy, irritated skin.

Tomatoes and eczema

Tomatoes can also cause or contribute to atopic dermatitis flare-ups. People with atopic dermatitis should be careful of tomato juice as well, as well as vegetable juices that contain tomatoes.

Kiwi and eczema

Kiwi juice or juices and drinks that contain kiwi can also cause irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Soda and eczema

Last but certainly not least, soda can cause great issue from the outside in. People with sensitive skin including, but not limited to, atopic dermatitis should avoid soda, if possible. Not only is it detrimental for the skin but internally as well.

Avoiding triggers

People with atopic dermatitis who are sensitive to any of the aforementioned may find it beneficial to avoid these triggers, if possible. But for some, moderation may be enough of a solution to prevent flares ups. So, first and foremost, you must know yourself and your triggers. You may be one of the lucky ones who are fine with many of these in moderation or mixed in with other items. Some say better safe than sorry. I say live your best life, but know yourself and know your needs. Do what's best for you!

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