My Experience with Birth Control and Eczema

Birth control. A topic I haven't seen many conversations about and would like to shed some light on. Birth control tends to be very private. It is something people feel awkward and uncomfortable talking about.

For a long time, I was one of these people. I would never tell my friends, family, and other people what method I was using.

Methods of birth control

There are plenty of methods women can use when it comes to birth control. For men, the most commonly used method is a condom. Condoms are safe but do not always work well, specifically regarding people with sensitive skin and sensitivity to latex, which many of us eczema sufferers tend to be affected by. Then following that is the "pill," which is taken during the day. From the start, I knew this wasn't the best option for me because I tend to be bad at reminding myself to take medications all the time.

A taboo topic

As I grew up in a Mexican household that never talked about using birth control, it was taboo. Although, when it was talked about, it came across as something that you would never need to know. It wasn't until I went off to college that I was able to ask questions for the first time. I remember a friend of mine at the time mentioned a place called Planned Parenthood.

Learning more

At the time, I wanted to know more about the various birth control methods. So I made an appointment and got more education on the topic. At the time, I didn't know anything and left to learn a whole bunch. I was appreciative of people willing to sit down with me and allow me to ask questions free of judgment. I did not feel comfortable doing that with my family members at home.

Starting birth control

It wasn't until the second appointment that I chose a method to start on. At the time, I was getting regular periods and was having bad cramps. They were bothering me to the point where I would have to take pain medication when I was on my period. After starting my birth control, my body felt better, and I ended up staying on that method for some time.

How did my eczema react?

When I was on birth control, I had no eczema flares, and my skin was completely clear. Of course, from time to time, I would get acne, and my skin would become irritated, but it was due to stress and not taking care of my skin. At that point, I had forgotten about eczema and how bad it could get. As I grew older, I better understood how my hormones were regulated. Birth control was helping me a lot, and I was able to control my emotions. Over the years, I have continued to use the same method. I've gone to several doctor's appointments to get checked and have stayed up to date with my treatment.

I want to continue this conversation and hear about other people's experiences.

How your skin reacted to birth control? What is your birth control experience? Are you on any method currently?

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