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Toes pop up out of the water in a bathtub with bubbles forming all around. Three bubbles have a flame, a crack, and nails inside of them.

Bubble Bath Dreams and Nightmares

Will I ever be able to take a bubble bath? Even having to question this saddens me. Recently, I took a bubble bath. I know right? Exciting for us warriors who could never because it is often too irritating for our skin. Well, as I was taking the bubble bath, I had no immediate reaction. This in itself was a first, because I recall times as a kid where I wouldn’t even be able to stay in the bathtub before itching and having to wash it all off. I took a chance and assumed that I was all clear. I was so confident in myself and my new skin endurance that I didn’t even rinse off after the bubble bath. I already told myself that I would not shower and wash off after the bubble bath this time, but I took it a step further and didn’t even rinse the soap off from the bath.

My dream of taking a bubble bath

Don’t judge me, eczema friends, I have always dreamt of taking bubble baths with the candles lit (yes I did this too, I had everything but wine that Sunday night) and stepping out only whipping the bubbles away with my towel like all images of bubble baths ever seen on TV. So, I did it! I was moisturized and calm from the lavender-induced bubble bath that I used. I was so sure that I wouldn’t get a reaction because it was also by a trusted baby brand and the ingredients were overall legit. I didn’t do any deep research before buying the brand because like I said before I was confident enough to take a chance at this point in my eczema journey.

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My skin faced consequences

Despite my optimism, the somewhat inevitable occurred. Sadly, taking a chance with a new product is probably the last thing I’ll ever do again. Especially one that includes soaking in and allowing for the chemicals used in the product to soak into your skin for 15 minutes or more. It was a great dream, in the moment, but shortly after and days later there were repercussions. I do wonder if I washed off after the bath if I would have reacted to the bath.

I experienced my first flare since a consistent calm, flare-free life for over 3 months, and almost a year for my entire body. I almost made it through the winter without a major flare up and that would have been the first time in two winters. Thankfully, although this is irritating and mostly all over my body, it is only very fine bumps and slight irritation similar to what I would call, “heat bumps” in the hot summertime. I still don’t know what type of eczema the small bumps are but I believe it's a form of contact dermatitis. I am extremely blessed and grateful that I have gotten so far in my healing journey and my skin barrier has gotten so strong, because although I obviously encountered a reaction, it is absolutely nothing compared to my experiences in the past.

Eczema is a constant

I have been bathing daily with saltwater and epsom salt and using natural organic face masks to speed healing and hopefully not have a major face or body flare, and so far they are working. I’m itching throughout the day all over for the first time in almost a year and I had a night or two of uncomfortable sleep due to it. Eczema never fails to make me thankful once again for the seemingly little things. As I continue to let time pass by in order to heal completely again, I can’t help but be reminded of where I’ve been and how far I've come on this journey and remember that it will never truly be over.

In the meantime, I plan on researching how to make my own suds for a DIY bubble bath. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever done it, or know of any brands that don't irritate your skin if you’ve ever had bubble bath dreams like me as an adult or for your kids?

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