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What soaps are best?

What soaps are best? I don't trust these organic liquid shower gels. There are fragrances, microplastics and other things in there. And they are overpriced (my opinion). What is your experience with such solid soaps? What do you have to pay attention to?

  1. I've had eczema pretty much my whole life. Tomorrow is my 67th birthday. The first time I remember having it was about age 5 when I entered first grade. My mom would use calamine lotion on it, then tear clean bedsheets into strips and wrap my inside elbow where this occured and send me to school. I don't remember being embarrassed but I do remember kids would ask about it, and this kindly old nun (sister) would re-wrap the bandages. It would go away and return.

    In December 2017 the outbreak was unbelievable. I attributed this to hard water in the new house into which we had moved. It took weeks to get a water softener. Final in May 2018 I had a great doctor who is degreed in dematology and dermopathology. She did biopsies and told me a week later it is nummular eczema. It looked just like online pictures.

    Here's what I learned. This could come from Nickel (Ni) or Mercury (Mg) and formaldehyde. By degree I am a metallurgical engineer but since 2013 I work in business development so I am not normally exposed to Nicekl t home. I considered it could be formaldehyde because homes built in this development used trusses that had a fire retardant finish that contained formaldehyde. Ours did not, they put non treated wiid trusses in but applied drywall to the ceiling in the basement which is a firestop. So unless the formadehyde was from some other source I could not conclude this was the problem.

    My doctor emphasized that medicine was needed to heal the skin. Prednisone worked but we tried several immunosuppresives while lowering prednisone slowly, but not of these medicines worked. Then we tried Cyclosporine and it worked within 2 days, I knew this was good. But FDA recommended tht Cyclosporine should be used maximum 1 year, With COVID-29 my doctor said it was time to try Dupixent and wrote a letter of justification to my the insurance company I have through my employer. That let me get off Cyclosprine about 6 months into the pandemic.

    Through ll this time I remember that in the 2-3 years leading up to December 2017, by previs dentist had, over the course of several visits, removed the silver amagam (a compound of Silver (Hg) and Mercury (Hg) ) that had been put in by dentists since age ten up to age say age 58. These replacement was ceramic compounds that look nice. But I can't help but this the silver AND the mercury in the amalgams were disturbed during removal and possibly some entered my bloodstream.

    I use Dove Men + Care and at first I used the liquid version but now use use the bar soap, the scent named Clean Comfort. It works very well and my skin is soft. I like it better that liquid soap.

    Sorry for the long reply!

    1. Your kind words are appreciated.

      Is this a website / orginization to which I could make a charitable donation. The work here is important. Mark

    2. Dear , your kind heart is shining through your beautiful words. Your feedback is more than enough appreciation. A gesture, like yours, is just the sweetest! Our online community is on an educational mission for those who experiences varied health conditions. More is explained here: Please stay in touch as we genuinely care about your health and well-being. Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

  2. Hello, , great question! Personally, I like to use Dove soap for sensitive skin. My dermatologist recommends it as well. Here is more information that may be of interest to you: and Please let us know your thoughts... Sending healthy regards, Liz - - Site Moderator

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