It May Be the Calm Before the Storm, But I'll Take That

I am coming to the end of my third week on prednisolone and will slowly be weaned down to 5 mg a day for the next seven days. I am still eczema-free and loving every minute of it. I feel like I have been able to get so much done. It is not until you get better you realize just how sick you were. Also, I have been privy to my dermatologist's letters that he has been sending to my GP. It is strange reading someone else's words about you. It hits home that seeing a specialist was the right move. If anything, I should have done it sooner.

How to treat my eczema for the future

Hopefully, I will not need to return to see my dermatologist. He has instructed my GP to take future control over things. His advice is not to be too hasty about stopping the steroid ointment applications. I can wean off the most powerful stuff unless I should flare, but otherwise, stick to using mometasone ointment twice a week on the most affected areas and Eumovate for my face every other night. My moisturizers, Epaderm, and emulsifying creams are added to that, which I should slap on at any spare moment.

Can I keep my skin clear?

I know I am being naive, but I really wonder if I can stay on top of things and keep the wolf from the door? I know it is wishful thinking, but hey, stranger things happen at sea! Surely my skin will not return to the state it was in before I needed treatment? It will probably get all dry and flaky again. I should have more faith. My dermatologist seems pretty optimistic about how I can manage my skin in the future, so maybe I should have more faith in the professionals.

I've been able to do more

Because I am currently eczema-free, I have had more energy to do things. Obviously, my sleeping pattern is back to normal, so that helps too. But I have been able to have the confidence to go for certain opportunities that previously I may have avoided. I have been able to give more of my time to friends and family. And this is a really important thing for me because I feel I owe it to them. They have been great to me, so it is only fair I give more of myself to them. I know, too, that this is probably the calm before the storm, but I'll take that any day.

I won't take this time for granted

Living in this short little window without eczema has been such a huge relief. I am not taking one second of it for granted. By the end of next week, I will no doubt see my skin returning to its natural state. But, I will not forget this period where I have been able to live my life like a normal human being. People without any skin do not know how lucky you all are!

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