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How Long Do I Have Before My Eczema Comes Back?

I am now into the second week of my treatment and I am feeling out of this world! I cannot tell you!!  I know it is a short-term fix. However, just being able to sleep a full seven hours and wake up at a normal time, feeling alert and ready for the day, is worth it. Even if I get bad again. I don’t take this eczema-free period for granted one little bit. I have bags of energy now, and I feel like I am more effective at work and socially.

My next appointment with a dermatologist

Tomorrow, I have my second appointment with my dermatologist and am really looking forward to how we can progress my recovery further. As I have said before in previous articles, I am not pushing for a magical cure - there isn't one. I just want a better standard of living with this disease.

Hiding the worst of eczema

When I think back just two weeks ago, I was in such a state. It was not immediately obvious to others that I was in a bad way because, over the years, I learned how to behave in a way that did not warrant any attention or sympathy. If I dress smart and use my moisturizers, I can fool people into believing that my condition is not as bad as it seems.

Will my clear skin period last?

It would be ideal if this clean period continued, but it just can't. Right now, I am on 15 mg of prednisolone daily and applying a powerful steroid ointment, so of course, it is really good now. However, tomorrow is the day that I will start weaning off my meds. I am getting anxious already. By this time next week, I may have my eczema starting rear its ugly head. But hopefully not. I will do everything in my power to keep things at bay. If you are a chronic eczema sufferer, you will know that being proactive is the most effective way of managing the condition. Besides being proactive with meds, diet, and exercise, there isn't anything else I can do.

Did the pandemic play a part?

We have gone through a global pandemic in the last twenty-one months, including three lockdowns here in the UK. I sincerely believe that had we not gone through this, my health would not have deteriorated the way it did. Maybe I had COVID and it caused my skin to go into meltdown. Perhaps the vaccines had a part to play in my eczema becoming out of control? Who knows? When I mentioned the possibility to my dermatologist, his silence was deafening.

Circumstances have to play a role

It just made me think that perhaps the reason why I have been so ill this year is literally down to circumstance. It would make sense. If this is the case, maybe now that we are heading into some sort of normality in the world, my health might start to heal and become, if not much better then, at least much more manageable.

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