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Eczema Gags to Get Me Through the Day

The days are shorter and the nights longer. It’s that time of year when we could all do with being cheered up! I have thought up a few eczema gags that make me chuckle and help me to deal with stuff, but I understand that some may find a little too much, so if any of you are feeling more on the sensitive side about this topic you might want to avoid this article.

Is humor a coping or defense mechanism?

As I have said before, sometimes you have to just laugh, or we would be crying all the time. Humor is a great way for me to let off some steam. It stops me from going completely and utterly bonkers! Some believe that humor is a defense mechanism that has evolved in the human condition to help us get through tough times. I really believe this to be true. You often hear that people working in funeral parlors or as therapists very often use dark humor as a way of processing all the bad things that they have to deal with. But I do have to be in the right mood, so if anyone else out there is having a really tough time, perhaps this article might help you on another day.

Do you feel like you could use a good laugh?

Humor is a very subjective area, and it goes without saying that what one person finds amusing, another can have a completely different take on it. Lastly, I would say that my intent is not one of meanness.

I don't look to belittle or humiliate anyone; moreover, a way of connecting with people who have to deal with all the daily struggles that eczema brings.

Some eczema jokes...

So here goes...seatbelts on, crash helmet fastened. Deploy the gag-meter. Humor levels are active and stable. We've got an alarm sounding on sensitivity pressure - reducing levels to stable now. Right, that's enough spaceship metaphor. Enjoy!

Son: Will it snow this Christmas, dad? Dad: It’s snowing right now, boy! look at all the flakes on my lap and around my feet. Happy Christmas!What’s the difference between a zombie and an eczema patient? Zombies don’t tend to suffer from clinical depression.What is the first thing an eczema warrior would buy in the New year sales? A state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner.What is a favorite cuss word that eczema sufferers use? Son of an itch!What do an eczema patient and an elephant have in common with each other? They both enjoy their greens.What did the doctor say to his colleague about his eczema patient? “I was brutally honest with them, and they took it pretty well. They must have really thick skin.”How does humor helps me with my eczema?It is a well-known fact that when we laugh, our bodies produce a bunch of chemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals can help to alleviate or manage our stress levels. Having had eczema all my life is honestly the most draining thing ever to have to live with. Humor is a major weapon in the fight against this condition. If I go a day or two without having a laugh, I feel quite low. It doesn’t happen a lot, but that is because I make sure I create funny situations or watch a funny film or tv series. If I feel low, then looking at myself in the mirror will make me feel even worse, so I have to keep my energy levels up. I dread to think where I would be without humor.If this article brings just a scintilla of joy to anyone going through a bad time, then I feel it has all been worth it. If nothing else, it has been a help to me to just write. Good day to you all.Does anyone have any jokes or amusing stories, or experiences they would be willing to share?

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