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The Struggles of Having Eczema

Every day we hear from the community about the challenges of living with atopic eczema. Atopic eczema, otherwise known as atopic dermatitis is a skin condition characterized by a dry and itchy rash. Additional symptoms may include redness, scaly patches, oozing sores and pain. Those living with atopic eczema may experience feelings of frustration, stress, and worry as a result, which may continue to further exacerbate their condition. The following community quotes have been compiled to highlight the struggles that the eczema community faces on any given day.

1. "It is totally uncontrollable."

It can be frustrating to live with an uncontrollable and unpredictable condition like atopic eczema. Wondering if it will ever go away or ever be controlled are concerns often expressed by the community.

2. "I’m itching so bad and this goes on all day. I just wanna scratch it really hard but I know that’s not good."

The constant itchy feeling from atopic dermatitis can cause a great amount of distress both mentally and physically. The term, itch-scratch cycle is used to describe the pattern that takes place when the skin feels itchy again due to scratching.

3. "I tried everything"

Despite what some products may claim, there isn't a one fits all treatment or cure for atopic eczema. The ongoing process of trying one thing after another is all too familiar to the eczema community. Patients often pay several visits to a dermatologist or other health care provider to discuss treatment options and evaluate treatment effectiveness.

4. "Unfortunately I am uninsured so no doctors for me, can't afford it."

Atopic dermatitis appointments and treatments come at a cost, and can create a substantial financial burden over time, especially for those who are not insured. Several members of the community have discussed struggling to afford the care that they need. There are some resources that can assist those who live with atopic dermatitis and are not insured.

5. "It is mentally and physically draining!!!"

The combination of physical and mental aspects of dealing with a chronic condition can be tough to cope with. The mental aspects of atopic eczema are not as obvious and are often overlooked. Living with a visible condition is emotionally difficult, and several members of the community have shared experiences with self-consciousness and stigma. It is important to reach out for support either in person or online if you are struggling.

6. "Nobody knows the agony of the itch you live with unless you suffer with it"

Feeling like you're the only one who knows what it's like to suffer from the intense itch of atopic eczema can be frustrating and isolating. It can be comforting to know there are others in the community who understand how it feels. Sharing your personal story can go a long way to helping others in the community feel less alone.

Which struggles resonated with you? Comment below to share about your personal struggles with atopic eczema.

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