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The Most Extreme Skincare and Beauty Trends I’ve Tried

Over my lifetime, I have certainly been open-minded when it comes to experimenting with skincare and beauty trends. However, I have atopic dermatitis. So naturally, this has produced some unexpected results in these experiments.

Today I will share the craziest skincare and beauty trends I have ever tried and what the results of my mad-scientist experiments have been!

What did I think of microneedling?

This skincare fad was the most uncomfortable of all the weird bandwagons I’ve jumped on, but it was incredibly effective.

If you aren’t familiar with microneedling, imagine a mini handheld lint roller, but instead of sticky paper, there are hundreds of small needles. Sounds enchanting, right? The theory behind this skin treatment is that rolling these microfine needles over the skin stimulates collagen production.1 It is touted as being an effective regimen addition for everything from acne scarring to hair loss.

While the science behind micro-needling might be questionable, I can personally attest to a reduction in the acne scarring over my face.

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What did I think of microblading?

Carrying on with the “needles” theme, the second weird skin and beauty trend I’m going to talk about today is microblading!

If you aren’t familiar, microblading is a beauty treatment that involves using a tattoo needle and ink to create fuller, more defined eyebrows. It is not exactly a comfortable process. I found this was because the tattoo needle isn’t used the same as it would be for a standard tattoo. Rather than being inserted into the skin rapidly, the esthetician sort of drags it along the brow. The sound alone might have been enough to make me bow out, but I’m glad I stuck it out because the results were fabulous. Of course, this is entirely up to the skill level of the individual brow technician, so make sure to do your homework and check out client reviews before booking a microblading appointment!

Would I get microblading with an eczema flare on my face?

I think it’s worth mentioning that when I had my eyebrows microbladed, I was not in the current position I find myself in: with annoying as heck atopic dermatitis on my eyebrows and eyelashes. So, while it was fun and looked great, I might be a bit hesitant to do this type of procedure at this time. However, that’s not a given. I recently tried out a new eyebrow treatment that was wildly successful, and by all rights, it shouldn’t have been.

What did I think of eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is the last crazy beauty and skincare trend I’m going to cover. Unlike the microblading procedure mentioned above, this experience was recent. Meaning I did this on my eyebrows while currently experiencing a mild flare-up on my eyebrows.

I was surprised that, given the process of “laminating,” one’s eyebrows involve perming them, I had no unpleasant side effects or discomfort. It didn’t cause my mild flare-up to move to moderate, and this is the second time I’ve taken a swing doing at-home eyebrow lamination. I was concerned that perming chemicals could potentially cause my mild eczema to angrily overtake my eyebrows but it didn’t. In two separate applications spread over 6 weeks, there has been no impact on my eyebrow eczema, positive or negative. However, that is not guaranteed to be anyone’s result. Especially when undertaking these types of treatments with atopic dermatitis.

Did laminating my lashes have the same results?

As it turns out, that also applies to changes in location on the face. Today I got another laminating kit. This time for lashes. It’s important to note that I also have eczema on my lash line (lucky me!) I hoped that the positive results I have seen with my brows would translate, but yeah, NOPE. My atopic dermatitis is sufficiently angry with me now. I guess we win some, we lose some.

Even when times like this happen, I still enjoy messing around with new skin and makeup treatments, products, and routines, and I probably always will. At the very least, I can use my experiences to create some content that I hope informs, and at least, entertains you!

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