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How I Use Crystal Healing for Eczema

Crystal healing, although not a scientifically proven method of healing, has vastly grown in popularity over the last several years.

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative method of healing. Since there are no scientific studies to back up the benefits, it is considered pseudoscientific by the majority. However, if you are open-minded to different ideas and possible healing methods (or just love shiny, pretty things), it may be worth looking into.

What are the differences between crystals?

The idea is that each crystal carries a certain, unique vibration. The vibration of the crystals can potentially assist in realigning one's energy and clearing energy blockages. In theory, this can help alleviate many different mental, emotional, and physical ailments.

Interestingly, Nikola Tesla once said: "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Everything is energy

While, again, this is not a scientifically proven method of healing, many people report that it helps them immensely. I was introduced to this many years ago myself. Although I didn't fully buy into the idea (especially in the beginning) that they would actually help me, I decided to buy some for myself. It started with a few basics, and by now, I have a full collection, which I absolutely love.

I can't say for certain that it helps with my skin or other issues. However, I do believe everything is made up of energy. Crystal healing makes much more sense when thought of this way. Each crystal holds a certain vibration that does not change. In turn, they are essentially able to raise the vibration of another "object" they come in contact with if it is at a lower vibration.

Crystals for eczema and skin healing

There are thousands of different crystals and many different uses for each one. Below, I will outline three of the top ones said to help with eczema specifically.


Considered the "master healer," amethyst is one of the most popular crystals used in crystal healing (and also one of my personal favorites!) It is used for a variety of different things. It helps relieve breathing disorders, allergies, depression, and other mental health conditions. Amethyst can be useful for skin disorders as it allegedly helps fight off bacteria and supports cellular regeneration.


Also called "stone of the warrior" (fitting, huh?), bloodstone can help reduce toxins in the blood and body. This helps support normal organ function and thus helps with skin rashes as well.


Considered an anti-inflammatory stone by many healers, aventurine helps with skin rashes (especially flaky skin), allergies, and dandruff, among others. It has the ability to help reduce stress and hyperactivity, as well as promote cell growth.

No harm, no foul

As stated previously, there are no scientific studies to back up these benefits. Despite this, there are many claims that they are helpful or people simply like to have them around in their house. I personally love using crystals and do feel they help to some extent. Of course, they don't just magically cure a flare-up overnight, but I do find some comfort in them. Plus, they are just pretty to look at!

While this topic is a little more "out there" and considered "woo-woo" by many, I find it interesting to ponder on and learn more about. And, at the end of the day, there doesn't seem to be any harm.

After all, it's just a pretty rock, right?

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