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When You Feel Defeated, Go Back to the Basics of Healing

I just finished having a great and inspiring conversation with a fellow TSW warrior who reminded me of the importance of going back to the basics of healing.

Feeling defeated because of eczema

Years of living with eczema can get frustrating and disheartening when I am in a constant phase of inflammation - back-to-back flare-ups that just don't seem to go away. Even more so, I know it's always time to get back to the basics of healing when I am feeling defeated and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe you're there now and feeling this same sense of hopelessness. If so, keep reading so that you, too, can be reminded of the basics of healing that have supported me along this wild journey.

Self-compassion first

Before we get into the basics of healing, let's first dive into some self-compassion. Dealing with a chronic condition is challenging - period! It's far from a linear journey and can often leave one feeling desperate, uncertain, and completely defeated.

We're only human

That's why self-compassion is a starting point to healing. It's a reminder that we are humans doing our best given the harsh circumstances.

So give yourself some credit and grace. You've come a long way with dealing with this condition, and you're not going to stop now. Take a moment to reflect on how much your body has changed over the past few years and remind yourself that this flare-up too shall pass.

Willingness second

Once you're able to give yourself some grace and compassion, you can move into the next step of healing, which is willingness.

According to Dr. David R. Hawkins, "Recovery from any disease process is dependent on willingness to explore new ways of looking at one's self and life."

To step into healing and fully recover, we must be willing to do whatever it takes. What are you willing to sacrifice today in order to bring healing into your life?

The basics of healing

After some self-compassion and re-commitment to our health, now we're ready for the basics of healing. Read and apply.

Healing is a choice

Just like anything in life - sports, career, relationships, etc. - you have to CHOOSE healing. Start by simply declaring, "I choose healing in this current moment." And then follow Step 2.

Healing is action-based

Following point #1, you must back up your declaration or affirmation with action. How else will you prove to yourself that you're choosing healing? Drink a glass of water, do a visualization practice, eat some veggies, go on a walk, anything -  just take ONE action that will prove you are, in fact, choosing to heal today.

Re-activate your faith

Healing begins with your belief system. I can't stress this enough. If you don't believe healing is possible, the likelihood of your healing is slim to none. Your belief or lack of is what you attract. Believe that healing is possible so that you can attract healing into your life. I activate my faith through prayer, saying affirmations out loud, and journaling. What can you do re-activate your faith in healing?

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Success and healing are one and the same. When you are healing, you are successful. And as with success, healing takes practice - daily, consistent actions and strategic thinking.

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