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Every Day is a Battle

While my eczema has been at a sustainable level for treatment, some days are better than others. There are days when I feel invincible - no itching or flare-ups, and I can get a great workout in without worry. And there are days when it's the exact opposite.

The days with eczema flares

When I have flare-ups, there are times I fear that my skin will go back to the way it was when I had my first flare-up. When this happens, I think to myself:

  • "What could have triggered the flare?"
  • "Have I taken my allergy medication?"
  • "Have I applied enough lotion or need more to the inflamed area?"
  • "What could it possibly be this time?"
  • "I'm doing my daily routine, which was effective yesterday, so why isn't it today?


Itching has become the norm

The boils still come and go, which can be frustrating at times. The worst part about my flare-ups is that I can't cover the ones around my eyes that are uncontrollably itchy. Speaking of itchy, has this become the norm for you? Is itching your second nature? It has become the norm for me.

I would be focused on a task, and I would itch. I tend not to be as bothered by it as I used to. The only time it becomes an issue is when I cut my nails and itched my way to an open wound. My open wounds take much longer to heal than they once did. Some days are better than others. No matter what, I continue to push through, knowing that my flare-ups are temporary.

You are not alone

I used to have the mindset of "Why me?" and "Why is this happening to me?" I found myself beating myself up and going on an emotional rollercoaster. I would isolate myself from people, thinking they wouldn't understand what I was going through. My mindset started to shift when I began to heal, and I would have a small conversations with my close friends. As I grew more comfortable speaking about my condition, I was taken aback by the replies I received. Some were supportive and helpful suggestions about some good ointments and treatments to take. Others shared relatable experiences, whether their kids or someone they knew had eczema. Having the support system of my friends, family, and this community has allowed me to speak more openly about this topic knowing their support is there whenever I need it.

It starts with you

When it comes to having eczema, I realized that over time, I am responsible for my health and my emotional and physical wellbeing. While there were helpful doctors during my healing journey, I found that I had to adjust things in my life that I was accustomed to. Some things that once worked and are no longer helpful. I had to adjust my eating, sleeping, and skincare routines. They were and haven't been easy at times (I know because I'm human). I've also researched, read articles, and found a routine for the best practices to keep my skin stable. My advice: Find a routine, regimen, something that incorporates self-care to take care of yourself.

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